What happens if my telephone breaks?

The telephones which Claranet SOHO provide as part of their Hosted Voice solutions are purchased with a 12 month warranty, so if your telephone has a fault within the initial 12 months, you can contact our support team who will arrange for it to be replaced.

However, if the telephone develops a fault outside of the initial 12 months, you would need to purchase a replacement unit from Claranet SOHO.

POP and IMAP: What's the difference?

One of the many questions our support team receive each week is about the difference between POP and IMAP and which they think is the better option. The two different types of mail protocols both have advantages and disadvantages. It just depends which email is suited more to you and your business.

Deciding which works better for your business can sometimes be an overwhelming choice to make if you’re not a technical expert. The points listed below should help you choose the right mail server for you and explain the main differences between the two.

Problems with your EFM or Fibre leased line connection

We actively Monitor EFM and Leased Line connections 24/7. If we notice that your connection is being intermittent or dropping, we will contact your "on site" contact to do some initial testing on the Hardware so that you can continue to receive the service we promise to you.

If the initial testing is not successful, we will run further diagnostics on the service. However, if we notice that there is an issue then we will aim to rectify the problem within our SLA for your specific service.

How to increase your mailbox size

If you are using one of our hosting packages below:

  • Basic
  • Enhanced
  • Business
  • E-Tailer

You are able to modify the mailbox sizes accordingly to your personal preference. You can increase/decrease the size of the mailbox as required up to a maximum size of 2000MB per mailbox from the allocated size limit you have for your package.

Please note: If you have a or email address, then unfortunately the mailbox size cannot be changed.


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