Slow speeds (FTTC)

Please ensure that the issue is not directly related to your current network set up. You can do this by connecting a computer directly to the router and running a speed test, thus bypassing any servers or firewall or switches or hubs which may a contributing factor. If you have an IT person on-site please check with them before doing that.

Please ensure you have performed a virus scan and a Spy-Ware scan to ensure no problems could be caused due to virus / spy-ware.

If this does not resolve the issue please perform the following test three times a day for a rough guideline and email the results once compiled to us along with a description of your problems our technical support team. We will send you back a ticket reference number, and you can quote this when speaking to us over the phone.

To conduct the speed test, complete the following steps:

• Browse to the website
• Follow the steps shown in red
• Click on Yes
• Click on “Begin Test”
• Wait for test results
• Click on “Further Diagnostics”
• Enter the telephone number of the broadband circuit (for ADSL and FTTC- fibre)
• Click “Run Diagnostic Test”
• Make a note of the test details. If the test fails multiple times, contact our technical support team.
• After running the first speed test which shows the slow speed, please do the following after 1 hour:
• Connect your computer directly to the BT Openreach Modem with a network cable
• Create a PPPoE dialup connection. You will need your broadband username and password to do this, if you are unsure of these details or unsure of how to create the dialup connection, please contact the technical support team

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