Why is my webspace not displaying?

Your homepage must be named either index.htm, index.html or index.php (lowercase letters) because this is the file our servers will look for when someone visits your site.

If your web page is correctly named and you still cannot see your files, check that you have uploaded your data with the correct file permissions set (755 for directories, 644 for files).

How do I measure website traffic?

Claranet SOHO provide a facility called Web Statistics on the Enhanced, Business and E-tailer hosting packages which provides in depth information relating to the visitors to your site. This information includes:

• How many people visit the website
• Times of day of visits to your website
• How people reach your website
• Which pages within your website that people view

To access these statistics if you’re on a package which provides this facility, click on the web stats link on the left hand side of your Control Panel and login.

What is an SRV record and how do I add one?

A SRV record (Service record) is a specification of data in the DNS defining the location. For example, the hostname and port numbers of servers for specified services which you require on your domain name.

To add a SRV record, login to your control panel and select your domain name under “Hosting” on the left hand side. Then select the “Domains” tab within the main control panel and click on the domain you wish to add the SRV record to. Finally, select the “Add SRV record” tab to add the details of the required SRV record.

What is an SPF record and how do I add one?

An SPF record (Sender Policy Framework record) is a specific type of TXT record which is used to prevent receiving forged email.

By adding an SPF record into your DNS configuration, any mail servers receiving email allegedly from you will check it has come from a trusted source. The trusted sources are provided by the SPF record which you have set up.

For help on how to create the SPF/TXT record and for any further information, visit the Open SPF website and SPF wizard.

What is a TXT record and how do I add one?

A TXT (text) record is used to hold virtually any free text you want and has a hostname so that you can assign the free text to a particular hostname/zone.

However, the most common use for TXT records is to store SPF (sender policy framework) records and to prevent emails being faked to appear to have been sent from you.

To add a TXT record, log into your control panel and select your domain name under “Hosting” on the left hand side. Then, within the main control panel select the “Domains” tab and click the domain you wish to add the TXT record to.

What is a CNAME record and how do I add one?

A CNAME (canonical name) record, maps a host name to another hostname or FQDN.

For example, to add a CNAME record for hostname ‘wwww’ to ‘www’ so that anyone mistyping an additional ‘w’ in your website address will still get to the site at

You could also add a CNAME record for hostname ‘search’ and fully qualified domain name ‘’ so that anyone visiting would be presented with

What is an A Record and how do I add one?

A records (address records) define the mapping between a fully qualified hostname and its IP address. This mapping allows users to type in sensible names for your servers such as, rather than having to remember a more complex IP address assigned to that server.

For example, you may wish to add an A-record for the hostname ‘www’ and IP address, so that resolves to the IP address where your website is hosted.

How do I make a DNS change?

DNS changes apply to zone files which Claranet SOHO hold. For example, your domain name.

Claranet SOHO must be the authoritative name servers for any changes to take effect. However, if the name servers for your domain are not with us, you will need to contact whoever owns them.

Clarahost Accounts

If you have a domain with a Clarahost hosting package, you can login to your control panel here and select the domain name you wish to work on from the left hand side.


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