How do I update my address details?

Please note, if you have a FreeUK account you can’t update address or contact details online and will need to contact our Accounts Department.

Any other accounts will accept changes to address and contact details online via the control panel.

Mork: Log into the control panel, select Contact Information and tick the fields you wish to update then make any necessary changes.

Concord: Log into the control panel and select Edit Profile. You can then update all of the contact information on this screen.

How do I protect my PC/Mac from viruses, spyware and malware?

You should ensure that all of your PC’s/MAC’s have a fully up-to-date Security Suite installed with the latest updates. A good security suite should comprise of Anti Virus, Anti Spyware and Anti Malware facilities.

A common misconception is that Mac’s are immune to Viruses. This is NOT the case and they are vulnerable to being targeted. There is a wide variety of security software available for Mac’s as well as PC’s.

You can also secure your mobile phones and tablets and it is recommended to protect all devices.

How do I secure my notebook at public Wi-FI hotspots?

Most public hotspots don’t use encryption, so assume that anyone can see your internet traffic.

Here’s our top tips on securing your notebook:

• Make sure it's a legitimate hotspot; there have been examples of people setting up pirate routers with the same name as a legitimate one. These routers can be used to capture personal data, so check the name of the wireless network before you connect.

Most places will have the network name written somewhere. If you can’t see it, ask someone.

How do I secure my wireless network?

Encrypting your wireless network is the first step to securing your connection. Most third party routers will be delivered with encryption turned off, which will leave your network exposed if you don’t enable it.

When enabling your router’s encryption, make sure to use the strongest form that your network supports. Routers supplied by Claranet SOHO come with wireless encryption turned on.


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