intermittent connection

• Check if there is any noise, apart from the default noise on the phone line. If there is any, you must report this to BT. You can check for noise by performing a silent line test. To perform a silent line test, dial 17070 and choose the option for a silent/quiet line test

• Remove any other devices from the phone line, e.g. fax, digital box, etc

• Change the micro filter which is the white square box between the BT phone socket and ADSL router. This is sometimes referred to as a 'splitter'

• Make sure that you are connected to the master phone socket and not using any extension leads

• Connect directly into the test socket by removing the front face plate on the master socket to see if this connects

• Make a note of whether the connection loss occurs only at certain times of the day or if it is continuous

• When the connection is lost make a note of whether you were browsing a particular web site, downloading a large file or if the connection was idle

If you have checked all of the above and still cannot connect, please contact our support team for further diagnostics.

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