Where to upload your website files

When you upload files to your website, upload them into the directory /public/www/. You will see the public directory when you first connect via FTP into your web space.

Please ensure that your home page is named index.html/index.htm/index.php (all letters are in lowercase) as our webserver will look with a file with this name by default.

Adding a subdomain to your Hosting package

A subdomain is a sub section of your website which is used to display specific content you want to keep separate from your main site content, whilst still being under the same domain name and on the same hosting package.

For example, if your main domain name was, you may have a subdomain called which could contain a blog site which is both separate to, and part of your website.

Pointing another domain name to my Claranet website

This mainly depends on where your domain is currently hosted. If your domain is hosted with Claranet SOHO, you have the ability to add a URL redirect within your control panel to redirect the web traffic to your domain name.

To do this, login to your Control Panel and click on the domain name on the left hand side. Click the WEB section and then the URL subsection to add the URL redirect as required.

another domain pointing to claranet.png

Defining name servers

Name servers are computer servers which implement the DNS service protocol.

For your domain name to function correctly, assign two or more name servers to it. Name servers are like sign posts for your domain which point traffic to the required locations/servers when people try to contact your specific domain name.

How to move your broadband when moving office or home

We understand how important is it to get your connectivity up and running when you are moving premises. If you’re moving your office or home please allow 10 or more working days to move your broadband. Inform Claranet SOHO of your moving date as soon as you are aware and we will work closely with you to ensure your connectivity is working as quickly as possible after you have moved into your new premises.

There are two ways a customer can move their broadband service whether they have ADSL or Fibre.


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