Password Security

Claranet SOHO believe that it is important to help our customers to be secure whilst online. For this reason, we have introduced strict criteria around the format of passwords in order to prevent your account being compromised by trojans or viruses.

When setting a new password, you must use a minimum of 6 characters and incorporate a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. You will also not be able to use any of the following:

• The word ‘password’
• Your login name
• A person’s name
• Dictionary words
• Accepted characters ;@'#~[]/?.,{}!"$%^&*_-+=|`
• Not accepted characters :£\¬
• Maximum length is 16 characters

An example of a website used to generate passwords can be found here:

Please note, when you do change your password, you will also need to change the password in any device or program that connects to your email account.

If your username is associated with your broadband connection, you have to change the password on your router. If you are not sure of how to make this change, you can contact our support team for assistance.

Service Status

Service is currently good

Claranet SOHO currently have no service updates. Please call if you are experiencing a problem.

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