Router Setup

To set up your router simply connect the router to a power source and the master socket. Once this has been done the broadband light should come on.

Your router has been pre-configured and may take up to 30 minutes to establish an Internet connection. Once a connection has been established the light labelled Internet will turn on.

How to upgrade my Office 365 for business to Office 2016?

Office 2016 was released on 22nd September 2015 and provides the latest software and security features for businesses.

The release of Office 2016 means that Office 365 users can now update their version of Office which was installed as part of their Office 365 for business subscription. However, this is not necessary for users who have purchased Office 365 after 22nd September 2015 because Office 2016 will have automatically been installed.

Configuring Secure IMAP

Most mail applications will use the following settings.

Account Name: Hosted Platform
Email Address:
Incoming User Name:
Incoming Server Name:
Incoming Server Type: SSL
Incoming Server Type: IMAP
Port: 993
Outgoing User Name:
Outgoing SMTP:
Port: 587
Outgoing SMTP Server Connection Type: TLS

What Router can I use on my Connection?

When you order an internet connection with Claranet SOHO or an upgrade to your existing service you will be offered a pre-configured router from us which will be pre-configured with your username and password settings to get you connected to the internet. If you prefer to use your own router this is also possible as long as it is compatible with the service you have.

If you are moving to a ADSL/ADSL2+ service you will need to use a Router that can connect using the PPPoA protocol.


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