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Spam detection settings

Detection settings

When you have navigated to the Anti-Spam homepage (Services > Anti-Spam), click on the Detection Settings tab.

spam detection settings

The first option you can chose is if you wish to use the approved senders list which you would have set up. This can be either the IP or Domains and e-mail address only or use both of them. You can assign to use the SPF function which explains what it does next to the ticket box.

Managing your approved and blocked senders lists

Depending on your organisation’s Email Services configuration, you may not be able to manage your own approved and blocked senders lists. In this case, you will not see the Approved Senders and Blocked Senders tabs in Spam Manager.

An approved senders list is a list of domain names or email addresses that you want to receive email from, even though these senders may otherwise be blocked by public or company block lists or other spam detection methods.

Managing your messages

Viewing messages in Spam Manager

Once you have logged into Spam Manager, any spam email which you have is listed. Details of the sender and date are shown for each message. Depending on your organisation’s security policy, the subject of the message may also be shown.

If your Spam Manager account contains spam from more than one email address; that is, if you have set up an alias, the address to which each message was sent is shown in a Recipient column.

To sort the list:

1. Click the Summary tab.

Configuring Antivirus alert notifications

When mail is detected by the antivirus system, an alert mail can be sent to both the recipient and the administrator of the domain.

By default, all admin addresses will be configured to be the same as the main portal administrators email address. However, there may be a need for specific users of each domain to be notified if mail release is required.

1) To change the administrator address for antivirus detection, navigate to the Antivirus section of the portal.

How to configure Web Filtering

URL Filtering

If you want to check over your web filtering rules you can do this all through the Symantec Portal. Under the services tab, select the option for Web Security and URL filtering.

If you are unsure of what sort of category a website will be classed as (for example social media or news websites), use URL categorisation which will tell you exactly what the Symantec portal categorises that website as.

URL filtering

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