Problems with your EFM or Fibre leased line connection

We actively Monitor EFM and Leased Line connections 24/7. If we notice that your connection is being intermittent or dropping, we will contact your "on site" contact to do some initial testing on the Hardware so that you can continue to receive the service we promise to you.

If the initial testing is not successful, we will run further diagnostics on the service. However, if we notice that there is an issue then we will aim to rectify the problem within our SLA for your specific service.

Depending on the situation, an engineer might visit or it could be an issue with the router. If we find that the issue is with the router that we provided we would replace this with the same configuration that you have previously had on your router.

If there are issues with the speed of the line, you can contact our support team who will in turn perform diagnostics on the line.

* = SLA only starts when the initial tests are done to the hardware which is done by the "on Site" contact.

We monitor 24/7, however you might only be open from 8am to 6pm. If this is the case, we can only contact you at 8am (due to you not having someone in your office 24 hours), so this would be when the SLA starts.

My connection has gone down, what can I try before calling support?

If your connection has gone down, there are a couple of steps which you could take to check that the issue isn’t an obvious problem and could be fixed instantly by yourselves.
Before calling the support team, please check the below:

  • Physical connections between the Termination point and the Cisco Router.
  • Reboot the power on the Router and the Termination point.
  • Connect a laptop directly to the router LAN port (bypassing your local network) and test for an internet connection.

If you perform the above checks and you still do not have a connection please call our support team by visiting

Service Status

Service is currently good

Claranet SOHO currently have no service updates. Please call if you are experiencing a problem.

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