I cannot connect to my broadband

• Check if the phone line has a dial tone and if its working

• Check the status lights on the router. The ADSL / DSL light should be solid in order for a connection to be made

• Is the internet light off or red? If yes, check the username and password in the router configuration that they are correct

• Turn off the router for 5 minutes and turn it back on (If you are on an FTTC/FTTP connection you will need to power down both the modem and the router and then first only power back on the Modem and then once the DSL light is solid, at that point turn on the router

• Check whether you can ping the router’s IP address

• Check whether you can ping an external website from your computer and if possible from the router. If you can ping using your router, please check the cabling of your internal network

If you have checked all of the above and still cannot connect, please contact our support team for further diagnostics.

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