How to move your broadband when moving office or home

We understand how important is it to get your connectivity up and running when you are moving premises. If you’re moving your office or home please allow 10 or more working days to move your broadband. Inform Claranet SOHO of your moving date as soon as you are aware and we will work closely with you to ensure your connectivity is working as quickly as possible after you have moved into your new premises.

There are two ways a customer can move their broadband service whether they have ADSL or Fibre.

1. Moving your existing telephone number to the new address – Simultaneous Shift.

If you are taking your existing telephone number with you to your new address Claranet SOHO will require the following information:

• The address of your new office or home
• A Sim Shift number provided from your telephone line provider.

The Sim number is then used to inform suppliers that when your telephone line moves your ADSL / FTTC/ FTTP service is required to move as well. Installation charges apply and are dependent on the service you require, please talk to one of our account managers who can run through what payments apply.

2. Brand New install

If you are installing a new telephone number Claranet SOHO requires the following information:

• Your new address
• New telephone number
• A new ADSL line is ordered with a 5 – 10 working days lead time for installation

Claranet SOHO advise getting your telephone line working before you move so your connectivity is working ahead of moving into your new premises.

In both cases all existing contracts will cease and a new contract will be entered into.

Claranet SOHO can provide a ‘data’ only telephone line for you giving you the benefit of having your line and connectivity with one supplier, removing the need to deal with one company for your telephone line and another for your connectivity. Call 0800 640 8009 for more details.

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