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Recovering deleted items

Recovering Deleted Items in Outlook 2010

When you delete an item from your mailbox, it is automatically transferred to the Deleted Items folder. From here you can then choose to empty this folder. Alternatively, you can bypass the above step by selecting the item you want to delete, holding down the Shift key and then pressing Delete.

In both cases, you can recover items for a period up to 45 days from when they were deleted. After this time the items will not be recoverable.

To recover the items, see the following steps:

Configuring Secure IMAP

Most mail applications will use the following settings.

Account Name: Hosted Platform
Email Address:
Incoming User Name:
Incoming Server Name:
Incoming Server Type: SSL
Incoming Server Type: IMAP
Port: 993
Outgoing User Name:
Outgoing SMTP:
Port: 587
Outgoing SMTP Server Connection Type: TLS

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