Small Businesses at higher risk of falling victim to cyber attacks

It’s hard to watch the news and not hear about cyber attacks, security breaches and viruses that can destroy your confidential data in seconds. The hackers are everywhere and getting more sophisticated. There is proof that more and more cyber-attacks take place every day. So, how safe is your security package?

One way of protecting your business is through running an anti-spam and an anti-virus piece of software. Some programmes, such as, can scan emails before they get to the inbox so that users wouldn’t even know that a problem could’ve occurred. Newer security programmes also scan the email’s content, URL’s and attachments in case the virus is hidden. Very high tech, I know. It’s almost like having a bodyguard for your email inbox.

Successful software companies normally have an expertly trained team located in different areas of the world and different times of the day (so they can constantly monitor your account) that will protect your data and systems for potential cyber attacks. These teams can also find viruses that are unknown meaning there is no way of them infiltrating your systems and seizing your customer’s data.

Protecting your customers’ personal data is a number one priority as if a hacker was able to access this, your customer could lose all trust with your business and thus effect your reputation. Email security packages are there to protect sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands. Always check what security packages support which software packages to ensure your data is fully protected.

Hackers are always trying to get into the publics’ emails. Even more so now as it’s is becoming the norm for small and independent companies to conduct their business online and leaving their data vulnerable to security breaches. It’s often perceived that small businesses don’t have as high security protection compared to larger companies therefore can make for an easy target. Protect your business today so you don’t fall victim as the costs to your business could be long lasting.

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