The benefits of a Dedicated Server solution

For most start-up companies a shared web hosting option works perfectly well and is a great way to keep costs down, so when is the right time to opt for the dedicated server route and what benefits will your business gain?

In today’s online world the first experience your customer may have with your company is via your website and your web performance needs to match their expectation. A shared hosting solution is undoubtedly the cheapest option and usually the easiest to set up and manage. However, the fact that you don’t have complete control over the resources is often the reason businesses move from shared hosting to their own dedicated server.

Sharing resources such as RAM can lead to frustrating drops in your website’s performance and could potentially turn customers off your site towards a competitor’s. Another issue is that you just don’t know who you are sharing with, you may be sharing space with someone who is using their portion to send spam. Plus, if other users are blacklisted then your site will be tarred with the same brush as you share the same IP address. Fortunately hosting providers can often work around this by putting a special measure in place, but it can often only be done once and if your site is blacklisted again they are powerless.

The risk of being blacklisted, open to possible cyber-attacks and having to share resources are the main reasons businesses choose to move to a dedicated server giving complete control over their website. Using a dedicated server enables companies to better serve their web visitors especially those with online shops that attract large visitor numbers or sites with substantial video content in a way that shared hosting couldn't cope with, even in short bursts.

If you’re looking for a hosting service that is reliable, with greater security, easily accessible and fast then the dedicated route is worth serious consideration. Even entry level dedicated servers often have more than enough resources to just host a website, including larger sites that have had a lot of development. With that in mind businesses moving to a dedicated server have used the extra resources in lots of different ways, including off site data storage, what you do with yours is up to you.

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