Can Hosted Voice transform communications in your business?

More and more small businesses are adopting a Hosted Voice platform to secure themselves a future-proof communications system to face the constant changes and requirements in business communications. This is partly due to traditional telephony systems limiting a small business to one-to-one voice calls, costly call tariffs and expensive hardware maintenance.

Hosted Voice, is designed to provide a fully unified communications solution and can be completely adapted to suit small business needs. The platform allows you to organise conference calls and video calls, make calls over your internet connection and have an always up-to-date system easily.

Although, the main feature which has made small businesses so drawn to Hosted Voice is having the ability to be able to work from anywhere and is excellent at catering for a mobile workforce. The system can simply utilise employees’ own mobile devices making the devices an integral part of the PBX solution.

If an employee simply downloads the mobile UC client to their Android or iPhone, they will begin to benefit from free calls between them and the office. This avoids the headache of equipping all members of staff with a company mobile which would take up a lot of a small business’ expenses, plus it caters for the ever growing demand of employees wanting to use their own devices.

Flexible working enables employees to have a better work-life balance. Flexible working can not only help you meet customer expectations, but has been proven to help dramatically improve efficiency and productivity which is worth considering when thinking about the ROI in adopting the technology.

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