How is Hosted Voice saving businesses money?

Over 100,000 businesses join a hosted platform every month, but what’s all the fuss about?

Hosted Voice is designed to replace traditional telephony systems with a much more efficient and cheaper alternative. Built with a seamless flow of instant messaging, video and voice functions, the platform delivers a fully featured, unified communications solution for your business.

The platform allows a small business to break free from costs associated with their current telephony system and could make call tariffs up to 75% cheaper. Some of the costs which Hosted Voice could reduce for your business include:

  • On-site maintenance costs: The platform is stored in the cloud and is maintained by your provider

  • System upgrades: New features are included as part of the service and will be available to all users to download as and when they are created

  • SIP Trunking or ISDN costs: The platform is cloud based and utilises your internet connection so does not require a separate, dedicated link

  • On-net calls between sites and users: make calls over your internet connection instead of using a traditional phone system

  • Sharing and video calling: These features can lower call costs, increase employee collaboration and reduce the need for face-to-face meetings

On top of this, a Hosted Voice platform can transform your communications by offering an always up-to-date solution with pay-as-you-go billing so you only pay for what you use.

If a small business decide to join a hosted platform, they will begin to see a reduction in their costs almost straight away. Hosted Voice can undoubtedly transform communications for a small business.

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