Why 75% of small businesses worldwide have implemented a flexible working policy

In a world where no one seems to have enough time, it comes as a surprise that more businesses don’t embrace flexible working, especially when 43% of employees say they would choose flexibility over a pay raise.

Adopting a flexible working policy has also led 75% of businesses worldwide to increase both their profits and productivity.

How can it benefit my small business?

Recruitment and retention: More employees are likely to continue working for a business if they are pleased with how they are being treated.

Engagement: Employees are grateful for the opportunity to be able to balance their work and home life so are more likely to show loyalty and commitment to the business and this will reflect in their performance.

Reduced stress: Having the option to work flexibly makes it easier for employees to focus on their work without as many distractions. Particularly for employees with family commitments.

Reduced absence and employee turnover: Employees have a lower absence rate and are less likely to leave a business if they are allowed to work flexibly. Meaning a reduction in costs and time for induction and training costs.

Reputation: If your employees are happy at work, they will portray a positive image of their employer amongst both their customers and the wider community.

The most common types of flexible work offered by a small business are part-time work, working from home on a regular basis and job-sharing. All of which allow an employee to adopt a flexible working pattern which suits them best.

New technologies pave the way

New technologies such as high speed mobile data networks, fixed-line fibre broadband and cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 make it easier for businesses to work more flexibly. The introduction of these new technologies shows that we are truly in an era where work is based around what you do, and what you need rather than where you are.

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