5 ways a small business can profit from Cloud Hosting

Virtual Servers offer customers a more agile and affective way of managing their IT infrastructure and delivers on-demand and self-provisioned computing resources quickly and easily.

In a matter of minutes, you can set up and manage your own Virtual Server in an environment which is populated by familiar and trusted vendors. A recent report revealed that more than 54% of respondents believe that Cloud Hosting is more secure than on premise IT and more than 20% of businesses rely on the cloud for storing their valuable data.

It is the first truly integrated cloud service available to the European market and we recommend that all of our customers take advantage of its benefits. The portal can provide businesses with new opportunities and can deliver a highly-resilient, scalable and cost effective hosted platform to their customers.

How can my business make a profit from Cloud Hosting?

1) Build a public cloud solution: A shared server environment which is quick and easy to market, provides your customers with a simple and easy migration to a virtual platform.

2) Enable hosted virtualisation through private cloud: Complex private cloud platforms for on premise environments can save costs whilst increasing margins. Although, this may depend on the customer security or performance requirements.

3) SaaS-enable your software product: Make your software product into a service by moving to the cloud and tailor this to match your customers’ needs.

4) Provide back up or recovery as a service: VDC services offer low-cost storage and templating features to integrate backup products and take to market. Many storage platforms allow fast connectivity to the internet and is ideal for backup and recovery.

5) Provide hosted IT management as an online service: Use a basic template, package popular IT applications and software for an online store-front for your customers which can be deployed unusually using a cloud portal or API interface.

In many cases today Cloud Hosting comes with a flexible and cost effective “pay for what you use” billing option, full manageability so users can assign their own resources and is easy to setup and control. For small and medium businesses, all of the above provides further security and significantly increases efficiency.

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