Avoid cyber attacks: Protecting your network and business productivity

In 2014 the Information Security and Breaches survey reported 45% of small businesses suffered infection from viruses and malware, with web-borne malware on the increase businesses are battling against keeping their Networks secure whilst reaping the benefits that online applications and tools bring.

Today more and more malicious exploiters are gaining access to websites without web owners being aware, one high profile case being celebrity chef Jamie Oliver whose site was targeted by hackers and was unknowably spreading viruses to its visitors. So how as a small business do you protect yourself? Plus, with more personal activity taking place on the internet how do you easily keep your workforce on task and productive?

Web Filtering services enable companies to benefit from online applications and tools without exposure to web-borne malware and viruses, lost user productivity, and misused bandwidth. If cloud based, the Web Filtering services are constantly updated thus after the initial set up reduces the burden on your IT teams in terms of resources and delivers predicable know costs.

Protection against Web based threats

URL filtering keep networks and users safe by blocking spyware, downloads, preventing viruses, and restricting requests to malicious websites. The service scans all web requests made by your employees working in an office or remotely. It ensures that all web content, including PDF’s are free from malicious code before it is delivered to your users so there is no harm to your business.

Enforces Internet usage policies

Web filtering increases business productivity, regulates bandwidth usage, and prevent risky behaviour by enforcing a granular internet usage policy based around your requirements. Your IT team can easily create rules that control access to websites and applications, these can be based on users, time of day, bandwidth, and other criteria. Enabling your business to provide policy enforcement on social-media usage, search platforms and other inappropriate web categories such as gambling sites.

Simple to set up and manage

With cloud based services set up and access of the software is through a web based portal that is simple to manage and easy to deploy so you can quickly be protecting your business within hours rather than months.

When 2014 saw the average cost to a small business of it’s worst security breach running at £65k, Web Filtering is a worthwhile addition and investment to your portfolio of security products working towards protecting your business from all possible current mal and spyware.

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