Top benefits of a PSTN line

PSTN lines seem to have fell into the background lately however this short blog may help you to realise how beneficial they can be.

PSTN data only lines allow you to have a broadband connection without a telephone connection. You might think this seems a little pointless but what if having a data only line would give you a strong reliable internet connection over a hit and miss internet connection? Starting to change your mind now? With many people now making the switch to mobile phones the need for landlines is becoming less and less but the demand for a strong reliable internet connection is becoming ever more prominent especially with streaming services.

The technology of PSTN lines has been long established so there’s no worry when it comes to calling the support team if a problem occurs. The support team should be well equipped and experienced if this were to happen. Many companies offer a 24 hour fix time as they understand that your business needs to be back on track as fast as possible however this can sometimes take longer with other forms of internet.

One of the main benefits of PSTN data only lines is that if your premise suffers from a power outage then your service will still remain active. This means that there is no loss to a business during crucial calls and helps the business to look more professional by maintaining that call.

Finally, PSTN lines don’t come with lots of extra equipment. The setup of the connection is quick and simple as the majority of homes and offices in the U.K are already installed with PSTN lines. The only piece of equipment is a router so that you can access the internet. Normally all that takes though is the push of a button or two.

Would your business benefit from a PSTN line?

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