Broadband: ADSL and Fibre

Broadband options to suit your business needs and budget

Are you looking for fast upload and download speeds or a business broadband that’s both reliable and can suit any budget? Claranet SOHO provides broadband that is right for your business needs. With a range of services available our broadband options cater for businesses of all sizes and requirements.

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Why Business Broadband with Claranet SOHO

UK support 7 days a week

UK Support

Delivering customer service excellence 7 days a week

Fast business broadband


Fast reliable broadband up to 76MB/s

FTTC and FTTP available


PSTN lines, FTTC or FTTP for fibre broadband available

Enjoy reliable ADSL or fibre broadband, with no usage caps or traffic throttling. Designed for businesses who need to get the most out of their connection


For businesses where:

  • Budget is key
  • Waiting for fibre in your area
  • Usage is occasional web surfing & email

Download speeds up to

16 Mb/s

Upload speed up to

1 Mb/s

SOHO Fibre 40/10

For businesses who need:

  • Fast speeds for email
  • Fast access to cloud based software
  • Smoother video streaming

Download speeds up to

38 Mb/s

Upload speed up to

9.5 Mb/s

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  • How long will it take to install my ADSL or FTTC service?

    ADSL/FTTC installation typically takes around 8 to 10 working days from the point you sign your order with us. With FTTC services, this is dependent of the availability of engineers in your area. Our Provisioning Team will confirm a date with you within a couple of days of receiving your signed order.

  • I am moving to you from another provider, what do I need to do?

    In most cases, Claranet SOHO will migrate your broadband services for you and there should be no need to contact your provider.

    Your current provider will be notified once we have placed your broadband order and will then contact you in writing to confirm that they have received order from Claranet SOHO. If there are any circumstances where this is not the case, we will inform you if you need to contact your current provider.

  • If I am moving my ADSL to you from another provider will I experience any downtime?

    Usually downtime would only occur when changing your router over or if using your own router to amend its configuration.

  • How do I Install Claranet SOHO broadband on to a new telephone line from a different provider?

    If you would like the internet connection to go live on the same day as the new telephone line you will need to ask your new line provider for something called a simultaneous provide code.

    We are able to ensure this happens at the same time if you give the code to us with a minimum lead time of 10 working days before the line installation.