Is your business suffering due to slow broadband?

Are you a business that struggles with an ever slowing internet connection and is it affecting how you run your business? Are you growing sick of the line dropping in and out and your internet provider telling you that there’s nothing that they can do about it? Yes, then leased lines could be the solution.

Dedicated, uncontended connectivity

The main benefit of having a leased line installed in your business is that it is a dedicated line for only your business to use. Its uncontended meaning that during peak times your employees are the only people who are using it. The result a more consistent service that won’t let you down during peak times.

Reliable high speed internet connection

Leased lines allow businesses, whatever size small or large, to have an incredibly fast connection with faster upload and download speeds. This leads to faster file transfers and quicker web connectivity which in turn leads to increased productivity, greater efficiency of business critical applications and business processes. With the continued growth of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS within companies reliable fast connectivity underpins the benefits of such services and aids business growth and change.

One important aspect to remember with leased lines is that you’re paying for quality. This comes at a cost but businesses should see it as an investment as a dedicated line will help you to respond and work with your customers in a faster and more effective manner.

Internet Service Providers(ISP) understand that leased lines are an investment and know support is key. A reputable ISP will monitor leased lines 24/7. If a problem arises then somebody will be in contact to fix the problem onsite. Reliable Ethernet connections come with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) where there is an agreement for your leased line to be up and fixed within a certain amount of time minimizing downtime and the effect on your business.

Leased lines provides companies with a quality internet connection, helping smaller business have the same competitive edge as larger enterprises through having faster reliable speeds.

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