Leased Lines and EFM

Dedicated, guaranteed speeds for your business

Private, high-speed fibre leased lines, offering an uncontended Internet connection with guaranteed download and upload speeds all day, every day. Providing you with the tools and service needed to deliver your bandwidth intensive applications and data.

Is a leased line for you? Do you:

  • Run business critical web based applications?
  • Rely on the internet for customer transactions?
  • Transfer and share large data files?
  • Want to setup VoIP?
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Fibre Leased Lines and EFM benefits

uncontended 1 to 1 connection


Uncontended 1:1 connection monitored 24/7

leased lines


99.5% service availability and a resilience failover just in case

 leased lines speeds from 2Mbps to 1Gbps


Speeds from 2Mbps to 1Gbps

An Ethernet connection is a business investment that can boost productivity, enhance performance and aid efficiency across your processes.

EFM (Ethernet in the first mile)

  • Reliable connection - monitored 24/7
  • Cost effective - alternative ethernet option

Upload and download speeds up to:

30 Mbps


8 hours

Fibre Leased Line

  • Reliable connection - monitored 24/7 with usage dashboard
  • Guaranteed - consistent upload and download speeds
  • Expandable - easily upgrade bandwidth without service disruptions
  • Availability - UK wide

Upload and download speeds up to:

1 Gbps


5 hours

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  • EFM availablity

    EFM is widely available but unfortunately it is not UK wide yet.

    Sites are awarded silver or gold status depending on their availability:

    • Gold status means the existing infrastructure can support the service.
    • Silver status will require an engineer survey to establish whether it can be delivered successfully.

    To find out of more, speak to one of the team on 0800 640 8009.