How do I secure my wireless network?

Encrypting your wireless network is the first step to securing your connection. Most third party routers will be delivered with encryption turned off, which will leave your network exposed if you don’t enable it.

When enabling your router’s encryption, make sure to use the strongest form that your network supports. Routers supplied by Claranet SOHO come with wireless encryption turned on.

Wireless Protected Access 2 protocol (WPA2) is the most recent and secure form of encryption. We strongly recommend using this type of encryption if it’s supported by your network. Other forms of encryption are Wireless Protected Access (WPA) and Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).

Please note, you have to use the same form of encryption across all devices on your network.

If your router only supports WEP, use 128 bit WEP keys and check the manufacturer’s website for any firmware updates that will add WPA support. If an update is unlikely, consider replacing your router with one that supports WPA and/or WPA2.

Change your network name and password to help prevent anyone from hacking into your router.

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