What is a CNAME record and how do I add one?

A CNAME (canonical name) record, maps a host name to another hostname or FQDN.

For example, to add a CNAME record for hostname ‘wwww’ to ‘www’ so that anyone mistyping an additional ‘w’ in your website address will still get to the site at www.yourdomain.com.

You could also add a CNAME record for hostname ‘search’ and fully qualified domain name ‘www.google.com’ so that anyone visiting search.yourdomain.com would be presented with www.google.com.

To add a CNAME record, log into your control panel and select your domain name under “Hosting” on the left hand side. Then within the main control panel select the “Domains” tab and select the domain you wish to add the CNAME record to.

Following this, select the “add CNAME record” tab so that you can add the details of the CNAME record.

add CNAME record

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