How do I make a DNS change?

DNS changes apply to zone files which Claranet SOHO hold. For example, your domain name.

Claranet SOHO must be the authoritative name servers for any changes to take effect. However, if the name servers for your domain are not with us, you will need to contact whoever owns them.

Clarahost Accounts

If you have a domain with a Clarahost hosting package, you can login to your control panel here and select the domain name you wish to work on from the left hand side.

Select the ‘Domains’ button from the top row of icons, followed by ’Edit DNS records’. This reveals the DNS editing tool which allows you to make any changes you require.

All other customers

Claranet SOHO are responsible for making all DNS changes you may require. We have a procedure in place to ensure that maximum security is maintained when you make alterations to your domain.

We must have your security information and details regarding your domain plan with us.

Please contact our support team if you have any queries regarding the changes which are required.

Once your request has been completed, a further propagation period of up to 48 hours is applicable.

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