Adding a subdomain to your Hosting package

A subdomain is a sub section of your website which is used to display specific content you want to keep separate from your main site content, whilst still being under the same domain name and on the same hosting package.

For example, if your main domain name was, you may have a subdomain called which could contain a blog site which is both separate to, and part of your website.

Adding a subdomain within your webspace

To add a sub-domain within your webspace, login to your hosting control panel located here and select the package you would like to add the sub-domain onto from the list on the left.

subdomain within webspace

In the main technical control panel, select the WEB button and the URLs sub option which will take you to the screen below.

On this screen, you will have a tab called "Add subdomain". Select this tab and enter the name which you require for the new subdomain. This will create the subdomain in your webspace with the correct permissions.

Add subdomains

Once the sub-domain has been added, it will be in the list of subdomains on your package. If you connect to your webspace via FTP, there will be a new folder alongside the www folder within your webspace for the new subdomain you have created.

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