Setting up your email on iPhone or iPad (IMAP Mailbox)

1. Tap the Settings button from your iPhone / iPad home screen.

1 Settings COG.png

2. Next click on mail.

2. Select Mail.png

3. Select account

3. Select Account.png

4. Select Add Account

4 Click Add account.png

5. Select Other.

5 Click Other.png

6. Now fill in the information as shown below. Be sure to use your full email address and password. When finished, tap next.

6. Fill in Info.png

7. Select IMAP and now fill in the server information as shown below. Note that your username and password will be the same as your full email address and password from before.

8. IMAP Settings.png

8. Click save and it will take you to the sync screen as shown below. Select the apps you wish to sync your mail to and click save in the top right-hand corner.

10 Mail Notes.png

9. After you ave completed the above steps your email should now be setup correctly.

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