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Can I work offline with Office 365?

When first installed, Office 365 will need a connection to the internet so it can be downloaded correctly. An internet connection will also be required for when updates are needed for Office 365 so the latest releases can be downloaded.

To manage accounts e.g. change billing options or install Office 365 on other PC’s you will need to be connected to the internet. Also, if you do not connect to the internet for a minimum of 39 days, the applications will go into reduced functionality mode meaning you can view your documents but won’t be able to make any changes to them.

What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?

Your data is your data. If you decide to cancel your Office 365 subscription, you can download your data (for example, your email and documents) and save it to another location i.e personal computer, personal server.

We advise you to save your data before you cancel your subscription. Once you have cancelled your subscription, data associated with your Office 365 account will be available to your administrator in a limited function account for 90 days.

Can I access documents that were created on older versions of Office?

Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 365 or Office 2013 users can open documents created without any additional actions. If using an earlier version of Office, a compatibility pack may need to be installed.

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How to upgrade my Office 365 for business to Office 2016?

Office 2016 was released on 22nd September 2015 and provides the latest software and security features for businesses.

The release of Office 2016 means that Office 365 users can now update their version of Office which was installed as part of their Office 365 for business subscription. However, this is not necessary for users who have purchased Office 365 after 22nd September 2015 because Office 2016 will have automatically been installed.

Microsoft Office 365

Simplify how you work: anywhere, anytime, on any device

Office 365 gives you the freedom to stay connected, be productive and collaborate whenever and wherever using familiar Office applications. You have the tools to easily access, edit and share your files from any device, working from your office, at home, or on the go.

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