Leased Lines helping to improve small businesses productivity

Claranet SOHO is excited to announce the launch of its new product; fibre leased lines. Fibre leased lines provide companies with a dedicated, uncontended Internet connection with guaranteed download and upload speeds all day, every day. Meaning Claranet SOHO can now provide quality internet connectivity to businesses of any size; small or large.

Here’s what Claranet SOHO’s, Alan Tavernor has to say:

“Small businesses are becoming ever more dependent on their internet connectivity and many require services that have guarantees on both the bandwidth they are able to consume and the availability of their connection. Fibre leased lines have been a key part of the service catalogue of our parent company Claranet UK for some time and the decision to launch the service in Claranet SOHO has been driven by a high level of demand. This is a very exciting development for both our customers and for us.”

More and more businesses are starting to depend on the internet to run their business successfully. Many businesses rely on their website to gain enquires so it is imperative their internet connection is running as efficiently as possible. The need for download and upload speeds for a successful business is becoming ever more pressing.

One aspect that businesses can struggle with is that during peak times the internet can slow down due to more users being on the internet at the same time. Leased lines erase this problem as the leased line is only supplying fibre to the individual business and isn’t available to other users.

The main benefit of leased lines is that you decide on the speed of the connection based on business needs and this can be tailored to the individual company as Claranet SOHO understands that no business is the same. That is why leased lines are fitted around business needs with the opportunity to increase capacity easily as you grow at a future date.
Another issue for businesses can be their location. Nowadays, more and more smaller businesses are located in out of city areas, which can be a struggle for them to gain good internet connectivity. Leased lines can help keep a constant connection speed enabling employees to work more efficiently.

Leased lines aid enhanced productivity, this can help to run certain programmes such as SaaS solutions more efficiently as it improves download speeds helping employees to accomplish tasks faster which in turn can help you provide an enhanced customer service.

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