Combined Broadband & PSTN Services from Claranet SOHO

Claranet SOHO offers its customers who don’t need the capacity for phone calls, a PSTN line dedicated to broadband. This dedicated line helps reduce interference in broadband connections which is often caused by the phone line, ensuring customers receive the maximum bandwidth available.

A Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) line is the copper and/or fibre line that runs from your premise to the local telephone exchange. This line is essential if you are looking to connect to the internet through a Broadband connection such as ADSL or FTTC.

Common problems for customers who have a PSTN line with one company and their broadband with another is the difference in service. As the PSTN line takes priority, any faults with the broadband service would be postponed until the faulty PSTN line is rectified. This can often leave customers feeling frustrated as they are not receiving any service for broadband or calls, and they also have to speak to two different companies to resolve the problem.

Claranet SOHO offers broadband packages including the PSTN line, providing customers with a single point of contact should any faults occur. This service keeps the process of dealing with any faults as simple, and stress free as possible, leaving Claranet SOHO customers focus upon other business needs.

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