COVID-19: Moving fast to protect key workers and critical national infrastructure

Extraordinary Times need Extraordinary Effort

Organisations are rallying together to tackle COVID-19 and adapt the way they operate. Working in close partnership with a wide range of public and private organisations, our teams at Claranet are doing everything they can.

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Claranet are here to help you during this difficult time. Our top priority is the welfare of our people and our ability to continue delivering a high-quality service for our customers.

We’ve summarised below the specific ways we can support you. We are constantly expanding our service portfolio, in close collaboration with our customers, to help you adapt and respond quickly. We’re also producing guidance articles, checklists and webinars to give you clear and immediately useful information.

Staying connected and productive from home

Connectivity at home

Staying secure at home

Adapting IT and communications infrastructure

Staying connected and productive from home

Microsoft365, Office365 and Teams

We’re working in close partnership with Microsoft to give you and your staff the best secure, remote working experience.
Get the right advice so your people continue to feel close, connected and productive. We can help with migrations, adoption, governance and licence management.

We’ll help you set up fast and then work with you on a UC roadmap that unlocks the true value from your Microsoft Teams deployment by adding advance voice services and call reporting, all from your Teams client.

Adapting phone systems

We can help you adapt quickly to new work patterns and processes by utilising our flexible portfolio of hosted voice services. Add services around your existing set up to help you easily re-route calls and continue serving your customers effectively from home.

Connectivity at home

4G business broadband

Relieve pressure on your home broadband or provide backup connectivity. 4G business broadband works independently from your home network removing bandwidth contention issues. By deploying a second connection you increase your levels of redundancy and protect your staff from downtime and non-performant connections. For added security and assurance you can integrate the service into our core MPLS network to maintain and control the integrity of the network data.

Business grade 4G SIM for home workers using their own devices

For those home workers who do not have access to or use corporate laptop solutions and are bound to tablets or mobile devices, we offer business grade 4G SIM only connectivity. De-couples your workforce from their home connectivity solution and integrates the connectivity directly to the user’s devices or even your own 4G router.

Staying secure at home

Remote worker SSL VPN

Safely access your corporate network on both corporate and home PCs and devices.

Remote Access Assessment

Key business systems and information are a target for attackers looking to intercept traffic, hijack remote working sessions, steal credentials and take advantage of the varying levels of security on the wide variety of devices being used for home access. We can help by testing the security of your remote access provision and simulate what attackers could do if it isn’t configured securely, allowing you to take the preventative actions.

Controlled Phishing Simulations

With working patterns changed, cyber criminals prey on and exploit employees’ vulnerabilities with phishing emails to spread malware and steal sensitive information. Our Phishing Simulation provides your organisation visibility of how staff will respond to malicious phishing email in a controlled risk-free way. Designed to reflect the types of emails that hackers deploy mimicking the NHS and other trusted Government bodies.

Secure remote working training

A phishing test will provide you visibility on the increased threat of malware or data breach caused by employees responding to attackers’ phishing emails. This allows you to focus security awareness training where it is needed most. We can also advise on best practice employee security awareness training.

Adapting IT and communications infrastructure

Remote Internal Penetration Testing

Move to Remote Internal Pen Testing. Increase the frequency of tests and reduce the risk of allowing serious, exploitable vulnerabilities to be introduced between tests.

Connectivity to the cloud

Easily connect your Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform environments directly to your own data centre or network environment or add it to your Claranet private MPLS network. Benefit from high-performance, secure and convenient transfer of data between your environments at a predictable monthly fee. Get the peace of mind of a scalable performant low latency and secure service.

Consolidate your voice solutions and reduce costs

Let us help you review what you are paying for your business phone lines and calls. You could be on outdated call tariffs and moving to our competitive rates can save you money and simplify your supplier relationships..

Adapt and stay secure

See what businesses are doing to move fast and stay secure. Read. Watch. Share.

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