Top five benefits of a dedicated server

Are you looking into a server for your business but are confused about the difference between dedicated server and a virtual server? These top five tips might help you out.

1.Heavily reliant on data

If you work in a sector where data is very important to your business e.g. legal firms, web designers or an accountancy then a dedicated server can be useful. A dedicated server will hold all this data for you and they are more secure due to you being the only person/company on the server. With a virtual server you just have slices of the server and share the main body with other people. Another reason to have a dedicated server is if your website generates a large amount of traffic and is data intensive.

2.Complete access to resources

When you have a dedicated server it means you don’t share it with anyone else. One of the benefits of this would be that you have full administrative rights. This is good when you want to install programs and perform custom program configurations. An additional benefit to having your own access is being able to monitor your usage of server resources. This helps identify potential issues before they have time to affect your website.

3.Safe Storage

Another benefit of having a dedicated server now is that it is kept in a secure data centre so that someone in the office doesn’t have the added responsibility of making sure the server is in the correct environment or taking up valuable space. Data centres are climate controlled meaning that external environmental conditions will not affect it and should work at a constant speed. It is important to check where your data centre is located as the U.K has different laws compared to other data centres around Europe.


Everyone wants the technology they pay for to be reliable otherwise it can be costly. Dedicated servers have stronger reliability due to you being the only person who uses them. This means there is a much smaller chance of your server slowing down, with a virtual server you could share with a user who has a website with a higher demand on resources than usual. All of the server’s resources will keep your site up and running.

5.Support Team

If you choose a dedicated server then many internet service providers will be more than happy for you to call their support team if you do incur an issue. Some internet service providers even have U.K based support teams which can help you feel more of a connection to the person you’re talking to.

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