5 tips for protecting your email security

1. Passwords

Passwords are the simplest way of protecting your email from strangers. A strong password that can be easily remembered is a simple way of securing your account. Accounts are more likely to be hacked into if they have insecure passwords such as the simple “password” or have numbers in a basic order such as “1234”. Passwords such as these should be avoided if you want to have a secure account.

2. Attachments

Attachments can be a way of your computer becoming a victim of a virus. By clicking on attachments from unknown email addresses you are putting your computer at risk as they may contain viruses which can download on to your computer and start to cause problems to the point of corrupting your hard drive.

3. Antispam

Having antispam protection is important as it can filter the emails that it thinks may potentially be spam. Some services can even prevent the spam from reaching the inbox in the first place, this can result in saved time as business owners do not need to sift through it. Many anti-spam programmes now do not require any hardware; they can often just be downloaded to your computer or tablet and start work straight away.

4. Antivirus

Protecting company data is a daily battle as every day sees the creation of new viruses. You might think that you’re safe by not opening an email that looks suspicious, but hackers are becoming smarter and sneakier about how they target people. For example, some send emails saying you’ve won tickets to concerts but when you click on the attachment or link it then starts to download a virus. When buying antivirus software ensure that’s it’s continually updated for new viruses. A hosted solution is good option as it is regularly updates and protects you from the latest viruses before they reach your machine(s).

5. Hackers

In the news there are always stories about hackers and how they are creating more targeted attacks specific to the interests of those people that are being hacked. Since your email is linked to your social media accounts, hackers can often find information about you through this. If running a small home business it might be a good idea to create a separate account for your personal interests and the business’s interests.

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