Top 6 reasons why small businesses are migrating to the cloud

What’s stopping your business from moving to the cloud?

Whether it’s the cost, use of time or simply because you don’t know enough about it, it is becoming more important for your business to consider adopting to the cloud if you wish to deliver business growth and gain faster innovation.

This year has seen an increase in the number of businesses who are beginning to become comfortable with the idea of using cloud services. Around 73% of businesses are now in the process of developing a cloud strategy, and those who have already invested in cloud are continuing to increase their usage.

In 2015, 60% of business decision-makers said their budget for cloud services will increase over the next 12 months. One of the main reasons for this is that the cloud not only reduces commitments for businesses in terms of hardware, but also in support and maintenance, so can be highly beneficial.

What makes a business drawn to using cloud services?

1) Agility and responsiveness- Cloud computing allows you to create a flexible IT infrastructure which can increase efficiency and reduce capital and expenditure for a business. The flexible cloud system ensures quick deployment which can meet the demands of a growing business and can be operational in just a few hours.

2) Cost- Using a per user per month pricing structure removes the need for large capital expenditure for a business. The cloud also requires minimal start-up costs which provides users with the latest software updates to aid cash flow forecasting and reduces the need for a business having to invest in large sums in order to have up to date technology.

3) Disaster recovery- A cloud-based service helps a business to discover their risk profile and the sensitivity of their data.

4) Green benefits- The IT industry is one of the most carbon emitted sectors on a global level. By using cloud computing and only using the server capacity required it decreases a business’ carbon footprint.

5) Competitiveness- Cloud computing provides small and medium sized businesses access to technology which they would not have been able to afford before. Cloud systems allow SMBs to keep up with and act as quickly as their competitors.

6) IT infrastructure maintenance- Monitoring and maintenance of the cloud computing infrastructure is carried out by your provider. Giving your IT team more time to spend on other tasks in the business.

Although, before choosing to migrate to the cloud, you will need to identify whether or not your business would suit a cloud environment and whether redevelopment or re-engineering would be required in order to adopt to it.

We recommend that you contact a reputable service provider to find out if it is possible for your business to move to a virtualised cloud environment.

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