Struggling to store data in a secure environment online?

The majority of offices use email as the main way of their employees staying in contact with each other and with their customers. Such emails can often take up a lot of space on office servers and making systems slower to work with. Email archiving is a tool that can help to resolve this issue.

Email archiving is a service that enables companies to gain more space as it takes emails from their local server (in the office) to a secure cloud portal where they can be accessed easily online if and when needed. This works especially well for HR and legal teams as by law they have to keep documents and emails for up to 10 years.

One of the main benefits of having a cloud based email archiving service is that it can release the burden that IT staff since the service offers rapid deployment and automatic upgrades meaning the IT staff don’t have to check anything over. Storage of emails in a safe environment can also be an issue for many offices (especially HR departments). Email archiving allows this to happen by storing information in a safe and secure environment.

Once archived, email can be accessed from multiple devices including desktop, mobile and tablet and shared by multiple employees. This allows the user to gain access to these emails wherever they might be. This is all done through a secure portal ensuring your security isn’t compromised. Archive mailboxes can also be shared between employees which is ideal when more than one employee is working on the same task. This benefits new employees too as when they take on the new role they can gain access to archived emails to help gain an understanding and access to legacy information.

If this sounds like it could make a difference to your business then maybe email archiving is for you.

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