FREEUK Emails using Apple mail clients

Dear Claranet Customers,

If an error is appearing for your FreeUK email for verification you may need to navigate to the Server settings on your device and make sure your password is saved correctly. We also suggest checking the server settings match the following.

Incoming server: (Port 110 SSL Off, 995 SSL On)
Outgoing server: (Port 587 SSL Off, 465 SSL On)

We have also been made aware that certain apple devices are struggling to verify and made need to be removed and re-added, we recommend contacting Apple support to ask them if they are able run you though the steps correctly as the have more informative details of there products. Here is the best number to contact apple support 0800 107 6285.

If you not sure of what your password is you can first test it by logging in to Claranets webmail the address is , if you can't login that way please contact Claranet support on 0800 640 8010 for a password reset.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,

SOHO Support team

Service Status

Service is currently good

Claranet SOHO currently have no service updates. Please call if you are experiencing a problem.

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