Claranet SOHO launch Symantec.Cloud

Claranet SOHO have now launched Symantec.Cloud Antivirus and Antispam service. Symantec.Cloud offers stringent protection against known forms of malware such as Trojans, worms and viruses, as well as effective analysis of emails to protect against unknown malware. The service has a 100% Virus Capture Rate meaning any viruses sent will never reach your network and cause data loss or system downtime.

In addition to rigorous Antivirus protection,Symantec.Cloud also provides multi-layered spam filters to stop unwanted email traffic using business essential bandwidth and wasting valuable resources.

Both the Antivirus and Anti Spam functions come with a customisable control panel so users can see what’s most important to them at a glance.

Claranet SOHO are proud to offer advanced Image Control which scans the pixels in any pictures sent to and from businesses. Any images with a high number of pixels with flesh tones will be automatically blocked, protecting businesses from any reputational damage.

Data protection can also help protect businesses by addressing the issue of confidentiality through customisable controls. These controls can also be used to prevent malicious and inappropriate content being sent or received by businesses.

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