Claranet SOHO launches Business Backup powered by Data Deposit Box

Claranet SOHO have extended their extensive portfolio with another innovative feature, a new and improved business data backup service powered by Data Deposit Box. This allows businesses to recover data from anywhere at anytime, with one account across PC’s, Macs and servers all managed by a simple web portal.

With data backup essential for peace of mind for businesses, Claranet SOHO have introduced a data backup service that compliments existing Symantec servers, that enables further protection of email web servers, through the backing up of data.

Claranet's Product Manager, Kostas Roungeris, has this to say:

“The service offers a cost-effective, all-in-one protection for customer’s data across unlimited devices and users”.

Business Backup powered by Data Deposit Box lets users share files with one another, inside or outside their organisation. It also boasts a burstable options plan, which enables users to backup even more data than the set amount when needed and only pay for what is used.. This flexibility enables users to deal with any sudden data surges they may experience and ensure that their business and its data is fully protected.

To learn more about Business Backup powered by Data Deposit Box, click here