Is your sensitive data fully protected?

Email is now a main source of contact between one person and another. More and more people have switched over to email from mainstream post and other messages such as fax to send each other important and confidential documents. When these documents are sent out people want to make sure that they are secure and that no security breach will occur. Email encryption is good way of protecting one partner. However if you want to make sure all of the emails you send out to your contacts are secure then email policy based encryption may work better for you.

Email encryption would automatically safeguard the security and privacy of sensitive data. This can range from something such as credit card details or even more private emails that your customer wants to send and needs a security policy to feel comfortable.

Hosted services are time efficient as it removes the IT burden of managing keys and digital certificates as this is no longer required. When combined with other email encryption packages it has the added advantage of scanning for potential threats such as viruses, protecting not only one computer but your whole network. Leaving your business open to potential threats can be a high risk. With policy based encryption these potential threats are assessed against a set of specific security policies set by the company.

Other benefits can also include read receipts being forwarded onto the email sender. This can reassure the sender as to when the receiver has seen the email. Hosted platforms also include a wide range of email delivery mechanisms.

Making sure that your business is protected when sending information to outside contacts is incredibly important, no matter how small your business is. Making sure that the information you send to your customers is protected by a secure software should be a top priority.

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