Spam is getting smarter

Have you noticed that in the news there seems to be a new virus appearing every week? Do you choose to ignore or to protect your business from it? What would happen if a hacker managed to get into your computer network and you lost everything for an hour, a day or even a week? How would that affect your business?

In 2013 the amount of security breaches rose 62% compared to 2012. Security breaches are on the rise and it is more important than ever to protect your business from it. It’s a fact that spam is getting smarter and this is to do with more of your information being on the internet through social media. Social media accounts have all your personal information from your likes and dislikes to even where you like to go. Hackers have caught onto this and it makes it easier for them to target people with viruses. One of the ways that hackers do this is by advertising concert tickets or events and taking your payment details. This way the hackers now have your card details and can use these details to do whatever they wish with them. Many people use their business email addresses to make personal purchases which would then put your business at risk of a virus getting into your network.

Recently the American DIY chain "Home Depot" has made headlines a few months ago as their site was hacked into and thousands of card details and email addresses were stolen. This looks bad in the news for a company but then what do the customers decide to do? When this happens to a business the trust that the customer and the business has then becomes broken and hard to regain.

There has been an increase in small to medium businesses being attacked by cyber viruses. Many small businesses don’t think that they are at threat because they are small and they think that hackers will go for larger companies. This in turn means that sometimes small and medium businesses don’t always use the correct protection for their files and data.

Symantec recommends that there are some simple ways of increasing your security online, one example is making sure that passwords are stronger by using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols making it harder for hackers to break into your account. They also recommend to check your security settings and to see if they can be improved. Sometimes simple things like this can really make a difference.

More and more businesses have seen the advantages of using the cloud for their business but can forget about the security measures that need to be taken with it. It can be easier for hackers to get into the cloud since there is no hardware and it is all virtual. The correct security and protection package can help to keep the company’s data safe.

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