How fibre can help your business

Fibre Optic Broadband has been a huge leap forward from ADSL. It’s provided us with faster and more reliable connectivity enabling us to do more with our devices, but what can it do for your business?

As Fibre Optic Broadband transmits data via light signals, it can provide much faster speeds than traditional copper broadband. More and more businesses are developing e-commerce streams, maintaining an online presence through blogs and social channels, and communicating with other offices in the UK and abroad. This means there’s a growing demand for super-fast download speeds as well as faster upload speeds, which are becoming more important to businesses of all sizes.

With the download and upload speeds fibre broadband is capable of providing, video conferencing becomes as easy as a phone call with a steady picture that is in sync with the sound. Upload speeds are becoming increasingly important as businesses adopt cloud solutions, and ADSL simply can’t keep up with the speeds fibre can provide.

Fibre broadband can also provide a more reliable connection than copper as it’s typically less likely to develop any faults. This means that your business is less likely to suffer that dreaded downtime and can function as normal.

There are plenty of packages from different Internet Service Providers that provide a variety of download and upload speeds, so there’s something for everyone. However, always confirm with any ISP if they have a Fair Usage or Traffic Management policy that will cap your speeds if you exceed a certain usage limit.

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